Welcome to Top Shelf Gourmet of KY, Licensed Producer and Distributor of Jim Beam Gourmet Meats

union county kentucky
Neatly tucked away in the hills and valleys of Union County Kentucky, there’s a quiet family farm with a reputation for making the finest food products in the heartland. It’s a place where there’s a deep respect for time-honored traditions and unhurried, prideful craftsmanship. It’s a part of the country where everyone not only knows you, but they know the work you do as well.

Just over in Clermont Kentucky, a pioneer named Jacob Beam started a family distillery. Over 200 years and seven generations later, his original recipe is used for making The World’s Finest Bourbon and the Beam family and their products are synonymous with respect, character and quality.

These two bluegrass legends have now combined their passions to create a line of fine foods that are true to their families’ heritage. It’s what we feel is a match made in heaven and we’re proud to offer these quality products to you.

Naturally Healthy Products
Our products begin naturally. The herd is fed only premium-grade corn and soybeans – never animal protein, antibiotics, or hormone supplements. Natural health takes commitment and time and we believe that healthy meat comes from healthy animals. All of our meats are 96% lean meat – no ground meat or water is ever added.

In Kentucky, Fast is for the Racetrack
We cook our Jim Beam Bourbon Barrel Meats using an authentic small batch Kentucky recipe that calls for genuine Jim Beam® in our glaze and aged Jim Beam bourbon barrels in our smokers. Using a special blend of natural herbs and spices, our products spend up to 12 hours in the smokehouse where we are able to achieve a tender juicy meat with the soft mellow flavor that’s made Jim Beam® Bourbon Whiskey famous.

From Our Family to Yours
We love premium meats as much as you do, so our products must measure up to our standards before we’ll allow them to be served on your family’s table. We inspect everything personally before the label goes on. So if you’ve ever dissatisfied, we want to hear from you. In Kentucky, we still believe that you’re only as good as your name, and it’s our name that’s on this product.